Monday, September 4, 2017

By far one of the most curious emerging sculptors in the world of art, Kylo Chua has transformed a seamlessly elegant style of sculpting into a captivating counterpart for wearable luxury. His personally coined 'thumbeline sculptures' are among some of the world's smallest examples of fine art, crafted meticulously in 18 karat gold varieties. Chua, at 28 years of age, has already garnered a multitude of awards from multiple associations across southeast asia, such as the National Shell Award for Sculpture and the Ateneo de Manila University's LSAA very first award for the same category.

What astounds us about his sought-after creations, is not the glamour or scintillation one would normally associate with trendy jewelry, but instead- the depth of his sculptural detail, especially considering these jewelry artworks are barely two centimeters tall! We compared one piece with a full-scale counterpart, cast in white lacquered marble at his studio, and the similarity was just impeccable.

The peerless impact conveyed by his very demure, feminine designs, evoke a strong wave of emotion, speaking directly to the hidden romanticist dormant in each of us.


A scholarship graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, Kylo Chua is paving the way for a new definition of minimalistic beauty in the combined realms of art and jewelry. His previous shows in Canada, the Philippines, Japan and the US have gained him a very strong following in the industry, perhaps too large for an artist still growing in his decade-long career as a sculptor, which began only in 2006 in the art circles of the Philippines.

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